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August 5, 2020
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The moment you or a loved one hears the news, time stops. No matter who you are, getting sick was not part of the plan. We know that with any kind of diagnosis, life can become more complicated. There are the obvious lifestyle complications, like appointments to get to, prescriptions to be filled, and symptoms to be monitored--the things that make up the “medical” part of a diagnosis.

But then there is the impact that being sick and dealing with a diagnosis has on one’s life. Tasks that once were easy, like picking up around the house, cooking a family dinner, or shoveling the steps after another snowy winter, suddenly are overwhelming. The to-do list can pile up, leaving patients and their families feeling flat out exhausted.

Every day, we see people shoulder this incredible burden without enough support. And we also know that person has their own journey, and their own unique needs. This is the reason Wellist, an online directory of 3,500+ (and growing) services in the Boston , exists. We also understand that in times of challenge, finances can be tight. Wellist is completely free to use thanks to our partners, Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Quest Diagnostics.

We help young mothers who have just been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer find someone to watch their kids after school. We’ve helped men living alone to find someone to mow the lawn, and we’ve helped daughters who no longer live with their parents to make sure Mom and Dad are eating properly and that the house is kept clean. No matter what your story is, we have solutions to help.

We have spent months working with nurses, clinicians, and social workers from top healthcare providers, as well as patients and families, to create a directory of services to help those who are battling and recovering from illness. We provide recommendations and our users choose what’s helpful to them, whether it’s a financial assistance program to help with bills, or oncology-specific massages. With Wellist, users can set preferences for price range or location, and can then save those to their profile. 

In addition to providing this directory, Wellist helps patients and their families find the support they need from people who care about them and want to help in a meaningful way. “I don't want to ask my friends to clean my house but it’s what I really need,” is a phrase we hear over and over again. Friends and family want to help, but usually don’t know quite what to do. Wellist’s Wellistry, a shareable gift registry, allows patients to make a list of what services would be most helpful and a family member or that patient can share it with others who want to help.

Wellist’s team is deeply dedicated to the mission to make life easier for those undergoing health challenges. Every team member has come from a place where they have experienced the need for Wellist in their own lives. While our services primarily cover the greater Boston area, we are looking forward to partnering with even more healthcare providers, growing our team, and expanding our service range so that we are able to help as many as we can. 

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