Coordinate Care: Elder Service Agencies

August 5, 2020
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Coordinating Care: Local Elder Service Agencies

In our last Coordinate Care Post, we answered the question, “what is a geriatric care manager?” We also explained the costs and benefits of hiring a geriatric care manager.  We’ll now turn our focus to a well-known source of care for the aging: local elder service agencies.  

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What is a local elder service agency?

Local elder service agencies provide many different benefits to seniors.  You can turn to the Agency or Council on Aging in your town to find help with questions on housing, health care, nutrition, employment, and more.

One of the most important parts of these services is the cost or specifically, the lack thereof.  Costs are usually based on income and insurance coverage.  As a result, most resources available at elder care agencies are discounted or free of charge.  

This offers caregivers a cheaper alternative to other resources, such as a geriatric care manager or an elder law attorney.  

How do I find my local agency?

Often, agencies are housed in town or city halls but this will vary by location.  You could start by visiting your town or city’s website to find the closest office.  

Another idea is to look into regional offices that may have expanded resources to offer as compared with those in smaller towns.  Different counties and regions often offer larger scale agencies.  

A free and easy way to compare vetted elder care options near you is with Wellist.

So what services can my agency help me with?

Agencies can help you manage stressful daily tasks

Elder agencies are extremely important in empowering aging adults to live autonomous, healthy lives.  They help elders manage their finances, insurance, nutrition, and medications. Caregivers can also turn to local agencies for help!

Services specific to caregivers include support groups and classes.  These are a unique and invaluable aid to those struggling with logistics or who want to connect with other people in similar situations.

A meeting with a geriatric care manager may help you plan out a strategy for caring for your loved one.  These classes and support groups, however, can equip you with the knowledge and understanding of the various aspects of senior care.  

There are also counseling services available for caregivers.  Much like a geriatric care manager, staff at local agencies on aging can help explain various aspects of caring for a senior.  Issues and questions surrounding home health care, legal aid, housing subsidies, and more can be addressed at little to no cost.  

What else do they provide?

Apart from serving as a reference to resources like geriatric care managers, agencies on aging can help coordinate care as well as actually provide a wide variety of care services.  

Elder service agencies can help you stay on top of your appointments

One way in which they can be of big help is with respite care and adult day health care.  When you are in the process of coordinating care, this can be a huge help in the interim.

Many agencies also offer transportation, meal delivery, home maintenance, errands services and other support for homebound elderly adults.

Naturally, each agency is different and may offer any number of the previously mentioned services.  Make sure to call your local agency with any specific questions about resources available!

Local elder service agencies have long been an important resource for aging adults everywhere.  Next time, we’ll look further into a less well-known resource for caregivers: support groups and classes.  We’ll discuss the benefits and wide variety of support groups and classes available.   

In the meantime, get started finding local agencies on Wellist by signing up through the link below!

Find local elder service agencies (located in the Home Care category) by signing up for a free Wellist account!

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