5 Fantastic Cancer Support Blogs

August 5, 2020
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The vast amount of information on the internet has made separating even decent information from useless information a great challenge, particularly when you have so many other responsibilities on your plate. To make life easier, I have done some research and curated a list of what I found to be 5 of the most helpful and interesting cancer support blogs. Please keep in mind that these are not listed in any ranked order. Whether you follow these religiously or pick your favorite posts buffet-style, I hope that they can provide you with some useful insights.

1. Living With Cancer, from the New York Times        

Written by Susan Gubar, this blog is a first-person account of her time with ovarian cancer. What makes this blog stand out is the universality of the messages that Gubar imparts on her readers. Her point of view is at once optimistic and realistic, and her supportive tone shines through especially when she is discussing dealing with confusing emotions, such as a recent post about coping with the loss of a member of her cancer support group. 


2. What We Talk About When We Talk About Cancer, from Mass General Hospital         

Not strictly a blog, “...When We Talk About Cancer” is more aptly described as an online community. The value of this blog comes in encouraging the audience to participate and giving the readers an opportunity to hear from the voices and perspectives of people affected by cancer in many different ways. Centering around words related to cancer, one blog that struck me was the discussion about optimism. The conversation weighed the relative merits of optimism and how it relates to hope and delusion. This resulted in some very powerful and interesting reads from patients, caregivers, and physicians.  


3. The LUNGevity Blog, from the LUNGevity Foundation

The LUNGevity foundation envisions a world in which no one dies from lung cancer. The blog entries, therefore, are focused on what you can do until that vision is realized. The blog spotlights many different voices, from advocates to “LUNGevity heroes” to updates on research. LUNGevity provides invaluable information for recovering from, helping with, and preventing lung cancer. 


4. Dr. Len’s Cancer Blog, from the American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society is one of the biggest organizations dedicated to the treatment, prevention, and ending of cancer. Dr. Len, the author, provides readers with insights from the unique perspective of a healthcare provider. The tone is casual, which is refreshing coming from such an esteemed professional. Dr. Len writes on everything from research to how to effectively support the fight against cancer. His blogs often tackle big-picture questions while remaining focused on information relevant to those affected by cancer.


5. Global Resource for Advancing Cancer Education (GRACE)

GRACE boasts a team of 22 doctors, all contributing valuable insights and advancements in the field of cancer research. GRACE also provides a forum, in which the writers and readers can interact and build a community. In addition, there are resources that provide information on cancer in general with the goal of arming everyone with a strong grasp on the basics of cancer. GRACE does a fantastic job of bringing cutting edge information (for example, about the molecular subtypes of breast cancer) about treatments and research to the masses in an easily-digestible and understandable video blog and podcast form. There are also sections dedicated to specific info on lung, pancreatic, kidney, bladder, breast, and head/neck cancer.


Naturally we can’t highlight every blog, so if you follow a blog that I may have missed please let us know in the comments!

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