CoPatient Announces New Collaboration with Wellist

August 5, 2020

Wellist and CoPatient support each other to empower patients and caregivers during difficult times caused by medical conditions.

October 21, 2015, Boston, MA — CoPatient, a healthcare expense management company, today announced it’s collaboration with Wellist, a Boston-based company that provides a wide range of personalized service recommendations for patients.

Wellist’s goal is to make life easier for patients and their families by providing an online resource offering personalized service recommendations, featuring everything from support groups and massage therapy to meal delivery and transportation. With a shared mission of helping patients through their healthcare journey, CoPatient is pleased to offer their services to Wellist’s community to help patients save money on healthcare expenses. CoPatient’s bill negotiation service finds errors on 80 percent of the bills reviewed, and Wellist’s users will now have access to the CoPatient expert advocates, who have the knowledge, technology and experience to save them money on costly bills.

“We’re thrilled to announce this collaboration with Wellist because our missions align so perfectly,” said co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Rebecca Palm. “Together, we can make the lives of patients easier by saving them time, money and stress.”

“It’s a natural fit; both CoPatient and Wellist work to alleviate the stresses associated with challenging health conditions,” added Ashley Reid, founder and CEO of Wellist. “Wellist’s primary mission is to help patients and families more easily connect to great services like CoPatient that can make their lives easier.”


About Wellist

Wellist is an online resource where patients and family caregivers can connect with personalized service recommendations. Users can also share a list of the services they use so friends and family can provide support in impactful ways . Our goal is to provide a best-in-class website to those who need day-to-day support like house cleaning, support groups and laundry services. We currently offer over 3,500 services in the Greater Boston Area, as well as hundreds of national services that are available all over the United States. Learn more here.


About CoPatient

This year, consumers will spend more than $400 billion dollars in out of pocket healthcare costs with limited resources to navigate and understand their expenses. At CoPatient, our technology-enabled solution and expertise provide clarity on healthcare expenses by reviewing, explaining, negotiating, and resolving medical bills on behalf of consumers. Learn more here.

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